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Only business customers can place orders immediately after creating an account. If you need more information about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you the owner of a wholesaler, webshop or telephone shop and do you want to make business purchases? Then create an account to view our competitive prices.

NT Mobiel Accessoires considers it important to maintain a good relationship with the customer, which is why we pay a lot of attention to our customer-friendliness. You can reach us in various ways. Via email, telephone, website and WhatsApp.

1 Company information
1.1 Important info

Opening hours

Rotterdam:Innsbruckweg 46, 3047AH Rotterdam
Monday to Saturday 9:30 - 19:00

Beverwijk:Parallelweg 124-38, 1948 NN Beverwijk
Saturday to Sunday 9:30 - 19:00

Contact Information

Telephone:  +31 10 229 8903

WhatsApp: +31 10 229 8903

Email Customer Service:  [email protected]

Payment Information

IBAN: NL08INGB0103832556


Name NT Mobiel Accessoires

Company Details

CoC Number: 55180167

2 To become a customer
2.1 How can I register my company?

NT Mobiel Accessoires is a wholesale company and only sells to the companies which are registered at Chamber of Commerce. So, only companies can register at

There are two ways you can register your company; by yourself or us. In the first case you need to go to ‘Register’ and follow the instructions there. After registration we will activate your account as soon as we have checked your information. Then you will be able to manage your account and place orders on If you wish, we can also create an account for you. For this you have to contact us on +31 (0)102298903. With an accounts that is made by us, you can place orders immediately.

We are obligated to receive correct information from you. That is why we check your submitted information after you register. Activating your account will take maximum 24 hours.


2.2 How can I change my company information?

As a customer of NT Mobiel Accessoires, you have your own Account page, where you can manage your information.

3 To order
3.1 How fast will my order be delivered?

We will send your order safely with UPS Standard Shipping. The delivery times for The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany: Ordered before 16:00 on weekdays in your shop!

France, England, Poland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland: Ordered on weekdays before 16:00 is in your store in 2 days!

Rest of Europe: Order before 17:00 on working days in your shop in 2 - 3 days!

3.2 Who can place orders on

NT Mobile Accessories B.V. only sells to companies. To order you must create an account on This is a very simple process. Sign up your business and we'll activate your account in a short period of time.

On your customer page, you can view the history of all your orders. You can customize each of these orders and order them again.

We use a guideline of €100 excluding VAT as a minimum order amount.

4 Shipment
4.1 Shipment within the Netherlands

In the Netherlands we ship all orders from €100 for FREE. Pay attention! the minimum order value is €75.

4.2 Shipment outside the Netherlands

Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg:


€9.5 Orders till €150
FREE Orders €150 and higher


Austria, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and England:


€15 Orders till €300
FREE Orders €300 and higher


Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Liechtenstein and the rest:


€20 Orders till €500
FREE Orders €500 and higher
4.3 Shipping special products

The shipping costs for LCDs and Devices may differ from standard shipping rates. This is indicated per product on the relevant page.

5 Returns
5.1 Return Terms and Conditions?

The product must be:

- in the original packaging

- undamaged

- back with us within 14 days

- already paid

5.2 Who pays the costs for returned products?

That depends on the reason why something needs to be returned. If you are not satisfied with the product or have ordered a wrong product and would like to return it, you will pay the return fee. If we made a mistake, we will pay the costs.

5.3 When can I return a product?

You can return our products within 8 days, under the condition that all products are in the original packages and not damaged. When you return products, you have to pay all the shipping costs. We will also charge you with 5% administration costs.