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NT Mobiel Accessories is the official B2B supplier of phone and tablet accessories from world-renowned brands such as Guess, Karl Lagerfeld, Hello Kitty, Tumi, iDeal of Sweden, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Pierre Cardin, Lamborghini, and UNIQ Accessory. Our extensive range also includes peripherals such as chargers, cables, screen protectors, speakers, power banks, car chargers, and phone holders for both cars and bikes.

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In addition to being a wholesaler of mobile accessories, we also offer other services. We are also in the wholesale of used mobile phones, we give tailor-made advice on (web) shops. We like to help our customers choose the right products and services. We therefore offer a number of important shopfitting materials, whereby we provide advice to shopkeepers on how to assemble and present their products. It is also possible to offer our product information, such as photos, texts and other information, on your website.

Business purchase mobile

With a large assortment of mobile cases and accessories, USB chargers, bluetooth speakers, USB cables, car holders, car chargers, powerbanks, USB sticks, LCD screens, smartphone screen protectors, tablet screen protectors and universal tablet and laptop bags, NT Mobiel is open 7 days a week in Rotterdam and Beverwijk for B2B purchasing.

Because you buy wholesale in large quantities, you pay a lot less per product. As for example the wholeaale smartphones, or to buy iphones in bulk. As an entrepreneur, this is much cheaper than buying from a small supplier. It is often difficult for private individuals to buy from a wholesaler. Usually you have to be able to prove that you have a business that is registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK).


As an entrepreneur, it is more advantageous to buy telephone accessories from a wholesaler. Increasingly, private individuals are admitted to a wholesaler. There is a but: the products often become cheaper per piece if you buy them in larger numbers. If you buy one or a few pieces of the same product, you will not be much cheaper with a wholesaler than with another supplier.