UNICEF Business Buddy

At NT Mobile, we are aware of the impact that companies can have on corporate social responsibility. We proudly participate in the UNICEF Business Buddie program, contributing our part to the Plastic Bricks Project in Ivory Coast. This initiative reflects our commitment to sustainability and community development, showing that even small actions can contribute to significant changes.

UNICEF Business Buddie Program: A Partnership for Change

The UNICEF Business Buddie program is a crucial initiative that offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to sustainably contribute to supporting children's rights worldwide. This program enables companies to make annual or one-time donations, aligning their business goals with critical global humanitarian efforts. It represents a partnership that transcends financial aid, promoting an ethos of global corporate citizenship.

Project Plastic Bricks: A Beacon of Hope

At the heart of Ivory Coast, the Plastic Bricks Project turns the challenges of environmental pollution and education shortages into opportunities. By recycling plastic waste, UNICEF builds new classrooms, an initiative that addresses the waste problem while simultaneously providing thousands of children with access to education. This project delivers significant results:

  • 3,100 Tons of plastic recycled
  • 299 Classrooms built
  • 15,000 Children attending school

The Pioneering Role of NT Mobile

NT Mobile's support for the Plastic Bricks Project reflects our deep commitment to a just and sustainable future. This initiative symbolizes our company values of sustainability and community support, demonstrating how corporate actions can make a difference globally. This commitment is especially meaningful to us, as it is closely connected to the personal history of our founder, Hafiz Nawabi. Growing up in Afghanistan, he was directly faced with the challenges that children there encounter. This personal insight drives NT Mobile to actively contribute to UNICEF's life-changing initiatives, with a special focus on projects benefiting children.

Naim Farhoed on Sustainability and Business

Naim Farhoed, the contact person for the UNICEF Business Buddie Program at NT Mobile, emphasizes the company's approach: "Doing business and making money is good for profit, but we must not forget the People and Planet aspects of sustainability." This statement sums up the philosophy of NT Mobile: balancing economic success with social and environmental responsibility.

Collaboration is Key

We invite other companies to join us in the UNICEF Business Buddies program, to collectively address global challenges. This call to action is an invitation for joint efforts towards sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

NT Mobile's involvement in the Plastic Bricks Project through UNICEF's Business Buddie program underscores our belief that companies play a crucial role in addressing global challenges. Our commitment goes beyond financial contributions; it represents a holistic approach to doing business that equally values profit, people, and planet.