UNICEF Business Buddy

NT Mobiel, a frontrunner in corporate social responsibility, demonstrates how businesses can be a powerful force for positive change. Through its active role in the UNICEF Business Buddie program, NT Mobiel significantly contributes to the impactful Project Plastic Bricks in Ivory Coast, embodying a commitment to both sustainability and community empowerment.

UNICEF Business Buddie Program: A Partnership for Change

The UNICEF Business Buddie program is a pivotal initiative that allows businesses of all sizes to contribute sustainably to supporting children's rights around the globe. This program enables companies to make either annual or one-time donations, aligning their business goals with crucial global humanitarian efforts. It represents a partnership that transcends financial assistance, fostering a global corporate citizenship ethos.

Project Plastic Bricks: A Beacon of Hope

This transformative project in Ivory Coast addresses the dual challenges of environmental pollution and education deficit. Its remarkable achievements include:

  • 528 Classrooms Constructed: Providing a conducive learning environment for children.
  • 3,100 Tons of Plastic Recycled: Transforming environmental waste into useful resources, significantly reducing pollution.
  • 25,000 Children Accessing Education: Facilitating education, a critical step in breaking the poverty cycle.

NT Mobiel’s Pioneering Role

NT Mobiel’s financial support for Project Plastic Bricks demonstrates its profound dedication to creating a sustainable and equitable future. This initiative perfectly aligns with the company's values of sustainability and community support, illustrating how corporate actions can lead to significant global benefits.

Naim Farhoed on Sustainability and Business

Naim Farhoed, the contact person for the UNICEF Business Buddie Program at NT Mobiel, emphasizes the company's approach: "Doing business and making money is good for profit, but we should not forget the People and the Planet sides of sustainability." This statement encapsulates NT Mobiel’s philosophy of balancing economic success with social and environmental responsibility.

Ongoing Dedication to Global Welfare

NT Mobiel remains steadfast in its commitment to the UNICEF Business Buddies program, continuing its support for initiatives that yield long-term benefits for communities across the globe. This enduring commitment underscores the company’s role as a responsible corporate citizen.

A Call to Action for Collaboration

NT Mobiel extends an invitation to other businesses to join the UNICEF Business Buddies program, advocating for a united approach to global challenges. This call to action is a push for collective efforts towards sustainable and socially responsible business practices worldwide.

NT Mobiel's involvement with UNICEF's Project Plastic Bricks in Ivory Coast through the Business Buddie program is a testament to the impactful role corporations can play in addressing global challenges. Their commitment goes beyond mere financial contributions; it represents a holistic approach to business that values profit, people, and the planet equally.