Mercedes-Benz iPhone 11 full cover power case lightweight - Black

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Mercedes-Benz presents you with a power case for your smartphone. As the name implies, apart from functioning as a case, this product can also function as a power bank to charge your iPhone. Equipped with a 3600 mAh battery this product is able to make your iPhone turn on for a full day with daily activities such as making calls, listening to music, watching videos, and so on. You don't need to carry an extra powerbank anymore as this one will be attached to your phone wherever you go!

The compact and lightweight design makes this product not too heavy and still easy to carry. The TPU rubber material makes this case comfortable to hold and with this product, your iPhone will look stylish and won't run out of power.


•Made from durable high-quality materials with a smooth rubber finish.
•Compact design, easy to use & a high capacity.
•Built-in rechargeable battery, recharge your device anywhere.
•LED indicators show the battery's remaining power.


•MCapacity: 3600 mAh (13.3Wh)
•Input / Output Voltage: 5V
•Input / Output Current: 1.0A (max)
•Charging time: 5 hours