Ferrari iPhone 11 Pro full cover power case lightweight - Black

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The authentic power case from Ferrari, created to assure protection while adding a sophisticated style to your smartphone with mixed materials and contrast colors. Ferrari is known for its modish and tasteful interior finish, products from this collection are directly inspired by the car's dashboard and leather seating. This case is able to provide your mobile device with fast and long-lasting power, wherever you go.


•Made from durable high-quality materials with a smooth rubber finish.
•Compact design, easy to use & a high capacity.
•Built-in rechargeable battery, recharge your device anywhere.
•LED indicators show the battery's remaining power.


•MCapacity: 3600 mAh (13.3Wh)
•Input / Output Voltage: 5V
•Input / Output Current: 1.0A (max)
•Charging time: 5 hours