UNIQ Accessory Samsung Galaxy S22 10D Full Coverage Tempered Glass - Black Edge

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This screen protector for the Galaxy S22 is made of 9h tempered glass. It covers the entire front of your Galaxy S Serie to protect the device against dirt, scratches, and bumps. Unfortunately, an accident is in a small corner and it costs a lot of money to have the screen of your phone repaired.

The powerful protective layer helps against the damage to your Galaxy S Serie The protective glass has no influence on the sensitivity of the touchscreen and the brightness of your device. So you can continue to use your Galaxy S22.

There are two cleaning cloths in the package. 1 Wipe to clean the screen of your device for application of the screen protector. After application of the screen protector you can have wiped the screen again with the supplied dry cleaning cloth. If you are looking for a supplier of screen protectors for your webshop or store, then the wholesale NT mobile is the right choice for you.

  • Color: Transparent - Black Edge
  • Type: Screen protector
  • Suitable for model: Samsung Galaxy S22