Mouth masks and Faceshields

NT Mobiel is a wholesaler for telephone and tablet accessories with a diverse range of mouth masks and faceshields. Choose from Medical or Non-Medical masks, KN95 masks (4 layers), or Faceshields.

Mouth masks and Faceshield offer a 2-in-1 solution to protect your face and mouth. With the mouth masks, you are always safe. Facemasks are designed to prevent liquid or gas from entering. The Faceshield protects your mouth and nose, making it the perfect tool for outdoor activities exposed to the elements. When you are in the field and need to protect your face and mouth, Facemasks and Faceshield are the perfect solutions! These rugged, durable masks protect you from a variety of harmful fumes, particulates, or irritants.

We offer a variety of Mouthmasks and Faceshields at the best prices. We can provide what you need! Our product is durable, practical, and safe. We guarantee quality and service.

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